OM Botanical is committed to formulating and marketing 

high-performance Ayurvedic skin care hair care and body care products.

 We do that by selecting only the safest and most effective plant-based ingredients.

Our Values

DO NO HARM – With the market inundated with chemical-based, highly toxic products promising you “miracles”, 

OM Botanical products will neither harm you nor your skin microbiome. Further, it will not produce chemical-induced dysbiosis

LEARN FROM THE PAST – Ancient teachings of Ayurveda has shown us what ingredients help create balance in our systems and what disturbs it.

USE SCIENCE to Enhance Body's Internal Healing and Rejuvenating Mechanisms - We refused to use pseudo-science or hyped-up designer ingredients that have not been studied for long-term safety in our formulations. Certainly, no petrochemical nor toxic ingredients that are commonly found in other brands will ever be found in our products.

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