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From the millennia-long tradition at the foothills of the Himalayas to powerful botanical ingredients used around the world, we've combined the best of Ayurveda and science.
Plants, over millions of years of evolution, have created a natural balance within. We use full spectrum (WHOLE) extracts, instead of active ingredient isolates, to leverage this synergy and bioactivity to create safe and effective products. In addition, we use aloe juice as the base of our products instead of diluting them with water and avoid alcohol so we don't strip your skin's natural oils and nutrients.

Is Your Skin Suffering From Chemical-induced Dysbiosis?

In recent years, the skincare industry has seen a surge in the use of synthetic chemicals in skincare products. While these ingredients promise quick fixes, they may come at a cost to skin health. Chemical-induced dysbiosis, is an imbalance in the skin microbiome caused by synthetic chemicals, leading to various skin issues such as inflammation, acne, dermatitis and premature aging. OM Botanical has the solution

Balance is Key to Healthy Skin

By nourishing and supporting the skin's natural balance, plant-based Ayurvedic skincare promotes optimal skin health from the inside out, leaving the complexion radiant, balanced, and rejuvenated. By honoring the body's innate ability to heal and thrive. These gentle yet effective products offer a safe and sustainable approach to skincare that leaves your skin healthy and glowing. Healthy skin always looks beautiful

Simple is Better

To achieve a healthy, ageless complexion, our skin s needs are fundamentally the same, regardless of gender, ethnicity or what you ve been told is your skin type. The science of skin, has no standard objective measure of "skin type." The skin type classifications are mere constructs of cosmetics manufacturers. Don t let them squeeze your skin into a box. All your skin needs is cleaning, nutrition, hydration and UV protection. Multi-functional products by OM Botanical provide a simple solution


Derek from CA

I found these products while at a yoga festival and I am OBSESSED. They are amazing. The Magnesium Body Lotion is necessary. The Face Cleanser rocks. The pain relief is really impressive. I have NOTHING but love for this stuff. And the guy who created it all is a sweetheart with a passion for this work. You won't regret trying it out.

Paula from Asheville, NC

I have struggled with acne most of my life. About two moths ago, I purchased the acne treatment. For the first time in my life I felt like I could leave the house without makeup.

Julie Ann

I love OM moisturizer! It feels good to FINALLY have found a truly natural product that can do what it claims. There is no tradeoff or compromise in using this product. It has a subtle fragrance which smells very natural and not at all like a chemical mix like so many other moisturizers. It is easy to use and has an appropriate amount of thickness to it that absorbs nicely. You WILL feel a positive difference using this moisturizer. My skin feels softer and more nourished whenever I use this product.

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